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Baijiu Stories

I Tried to Like Baijiu. I Failed. And I’m Not the Only One.

Digging into the polarizing spirit.

This Is Every (Maybe) Crazy Thing You Should Drink in 2017

Or how to drink adventurously thanks to this exciting book.

Is the Baijiu Hype Really All That?

Breaking down the (maybe) hot spirit.

Behold Beijing’s Newest Gin Joint

A distillery comes to China’s capital.

China’s National Liquor Has Landed in the U.S. | Partner Tip

t’s the only spirit served to distinguished guests at official government banquets in China. Now you can also serve that same spirit to your finest ...

In New York, a Bar Devoted to a Chinese Spirit

At New York’s Lumos, baijiu takes center stage.

Drugs in Popular Chinese Liquor Arousing More Than Suspicion

Two distillers are adding a little something extra—and illegal—to China’s favorite fiery spirit, baijiu.

One Chinese Bar is Bringing a Buzzy Booze to Life

Baijiu might finally be getting proper love in its home country.

10 Revealing Predictions for What You’ll Be Drinking in 2015

In 2015, expect mail order cocktails, shots-on-shots and robot bartenders.

Cocktail Matchmaking

ward-winning author and Liquor.com advisory board member David Wondrich discusses some of the most tasty and enduring ingredient pairings and the drin...

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